Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let's Party!

My baby boy turned '1 on February 7th. I can't believe a year has passed since Chris and I were blessed with this amazing little boy. I thank God every single day for Quinn. My life feels so complete now that he's in it.:)

Happy Birthday Love Bug

                                          1 day old

Q Man had a great first birthday surrounded by all the people who love him

Dr. Seuss themed party of course

                                                       Q and cousin Blake

                                          Kate and Great-Grandma Cleo

                                          Miles Jay

Miles and Chris

                                          Grandpa Dave, Birthday Boy, and Grandma Anita

                                          Yep, that's a smile folks

                                                       Birthday Boy

Boy cousins (Blake, Miles, and Brennan)

                                                        "Come here Kin"

                                          Such a good mother hen

                                          Love <3 p="">

                                                        Here fishy, fishy

                                        Grandpa Dick and Grandma Lucy


                                          Grandpa Bruce, Grandma Sue, and Q Man

                                                    A man of many faces

Fall/Winter 2012

My Little Pumpkin

                                           One of my favorite pictures of Mr. Q

                                          Oh how I love fall leaves...

                                           Boys will be boys

First Halloween-Strong Man 
8 1/2 Months Old

Q and his best friend, Lamby!

First time meeting Santa- 2012

I guess you're not that scary

Poor babe was sick for his first Christmas

Q, Kate, and Miles playing together

Smarty Pants

                                                    Ice fishing with Daddy